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Matki Collection Brochure.


Effortless style and sublime innovation are the hallmarks of any Matki Collection, and the foundations on which every Matki product is created. The epitome of indulgence, each design is a stunning mix of sumptuous, hand-crafted beauty and luxurious functionality, where even the smallest detail has been developed to give you a truly exhilarating shower experience.

Elegance of form and outstanding functionality; EauZone Plus is the epitome of frameless luxury showering. Engineered characteristically with the striking grandeur of 10mm solid Safety Glass, minimal framing and beautifully finished details, EauZone Plus stands alone in supreme quality and styling. EauZone Plus was conceived by Matki’s in-house Design Team, with every Shower Enclosure, Panel and Bath Screen specially made to order on our site near Bristol. Decades of design expertise and manufacturing experience have gone into the collection and it has been rigorously tested to far exceed industry standards. Patents are held for key design features such as the superbly strong non-slip hinges and all EauZone Plus products are renowned for excellent, sustained performance.

Matki 2023.JPG
Matki EauZone 2023.JPG
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