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Whether showering, bathing or washing your hands, you will immediately notice the excellent quality of our products. But who is behind the beautifully designed quality showers and mixers that are “Made in Germany”? What drives Hansgrohe? What is the company’s economic significance and in what areas does it assume responsibility? Take a look through the keyhole of the Black Forest-based bathroom designer whose products are found all over the world.

Since 1901, people all over the world have put their trust in Hansgrohe’s durable and high-quality products from the heart of the Black Forest. Our “Made in Germany” commitment is an integral part of our philosophy and around 80% of our products remain manufactured domestically. Only the best quality, drinking water-grade materials are used, as well as put through their paces in endurance tests to ensure they meet all our requirements.


Hansgrohe Price Book 

Axor Price Book 

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